Saturday, December 26, 2009

I love the new Black Eyed Peas music video for their song 'Meet Me Halfway'. Totally steampunk meets forest goddess aka awesome.

Immortal Jellyfish - No, I am not bull-shitting you!

I was on Crystal aka rustykeloid's deviantart looking at her new art... and someone commented on her Jelly Fish pic saying that a Jelly Fish was found that is biologically immortal. I had an immediate - holy shit - moment, and of course had to wiki it.

What I learned:

Jelly fish start out as little polyps, then they hatch and reach sexual maturity within weeks, and after laying eggs, they die. The Turritopsis nutricula, is different because when it reaches sexual maturity and lays its eggs, it starts to revert back to the polyp stage. It goes from baby to adult, then adult to baby, and repeats the process indefinitely, or until it's nervous system is removed.

According to wiki:

The umbrella turns inside out; middle section and tentacles are reabsorbed before the polyp spawns. Stolons form two days before the polyps differentiate.
[3] The ability to reverse the life cycle is probably unique in the animal kingdom, and allows the jellyfish to bypass death, rendering the Turritopsis nutricula biologically immortal. Laboratory tests showed that 100% of specimens reverted to the polyp stage.

So it's true. This creature has discovered its own little fountain of youth. Now as fascinating as this is, I have to say that I don't think humans would be able to cope well with having to revert back to children/babies, and then go through puberty over and over... the emotional baggage would be pretty severe I think. But that's assuming we'd retain all of our memories from our childhoods and adulthoods. If we didn't retain our earlier lives, or regenerations, then it would be like reincarnation, only within the same body.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone! :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yonaguni Underwater Pyramids

Japan's underwater pyramids are possibly over 10000 years old. Woah! The structures are called the Yonaguni Pyramids. Google it ;)

This makes me think of my post two posts ago about past civilizations having more smarts than we give them credit for. These pyramids
are a huge key in proving advanced civilizations existed far before accepted science will account for. Interesting...

Sometimes life feels incredibly overwhelming.

I won't go into the details why my life is so effed up (aha fml)...
Most of it is my own doing, which I could undo if I had the empowerment to do so. I mean, say I wanted to lose weight, well that's pretty simple right? Go for walks and don't eat any crap. There, done. The only thing is, when you're so depressed and disastisfied with things, it's hard to want to open up, go out there, and be happy. It's also hard to give up your sole comfort; one that is cheap to buy, yummy to eat, and emotionally satisfying at least for a while. Of course the consequences (grabs flab) suck, but it's all I've got at the moment. It's a vicious circle, really; you won't have anything until you give up those bad things, but you don't want to give up those bad things because you're giving up the only things you have. Once you do give up the bad things, and wait a while, it's like you're suddenly on the other side, and the only fear you have is that you will slip back. While you're suddenly on this path to happiness, good things start to enter your l ife - maybe more guys are interested in you, you can fit all sorts of lovely clothes, you start really wanting to improve your life - but, inevitably, something very BAD happens... something that makes all of the good things somehow meaningless in your life. Then you slip back, and then you're in hell once again.

I guess that's it. My outlook is obviously very bleak at the moment, which is fine. It's my problem to deal with. Writing about it just clears my head.

Man I need a scanner. I spilt diet pepsi on my last one... and it bit the bullet as it were. ]':
That's my explanation for a rather wordy post, instead of imagery.

So I was watching this documentary on technology and science in the time of the ancient civilizations of the world - a la mayan, egypt, greek, and messopotamian - where they proposed the idea that our so called "new" technology had in fact been discovered long ago (at least in theory) and that the information was simply lost over time and then rediscovered and employed in current times. An example of this was an elaborately decorated tunnel type thing made by ancients... It ran so deep that no light could be seen from inside; no torch could remain lit for want of something in the air I cannot recall; and finally, mirrors reflecting light did not work for much of a distance. So how did these artists decorate the walls without light? They propose early lightbulbs. You can read something about that here: linksy poo

I haven't seen enough to prove this theory of ancients having comparable technologies we consider newly discovered today, though my mind is broadened. I think that in general, our society feels above those before us... either because of our more open minds, revision of believes and laws, new devices... etc... Is that feeling of modern superiority really just a falacy? I don't know... but I never thought about it until today.

Anyway, enough rambling about the ways of the world and philosophy and whatnot.