Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The program has provided us with very nifty Nikon d60 SLR cameras.

Here are my fave photos so far :)

Granville Island bridge at dusk

City Lights at night

A Crescent Moon at dusk

The first month

The idea program is really intense. Seriously, I have a million projects to work on. It's kind of good, because the projects are creative and challenging, but it's kinda bad because part of me would rather sit around watching reruns of csi miami than work on the mounting list of projects.

Everyone in the class is really talented. I mean it. You know how there's usually a kid that sits in the corner that kinda sucks a little bit more than you (and thus your confidence is renewed)? In the idea program, this kid doesn't exist. It's really inspiring though, because it pushes you to work harder and make your work better.

Another observation is that most of the chicks in the program are hot girls; thin, fashionable, and pretty. There's a lot of artists out there who are not thin or fashionable, and are so hideous they live under a rock sketching all day and night. There aren't any of these in my class... So of course what I'm getting to is do they pick attractiveness over talent? Or is it possibly mostly talent, but that attractiveness bit gives you extra edge to get in over someone who could use a makeover? Just curious.

I have to add though, that I am quite happy with the people in my class. I've never really been able to say that I feel like my class is my family, but in this program it really is beginning to feel that way. The teachers kept kind of warning us that we'd become really close... no wonder they call it a cohort!

So I'm about to get ready and head out to school to work on some projects before marketing class starts. Yay work!